samedi 31 août 2013

Simple Fast Cash 2013: simple fast cash from home

Simple Fast Cash 2013: simple fast cash from home

I needed something to help them move from struggle to success.
I also thought that if it would help people in Empower then why not also add the ability to help people build any other business too!
I have all the plans in my head to make this exciting for everyone with:
  • a lead building system,
  • hosting,
  • advertising,
  • training,
  • a fantastic unique income plan of its own and of course
  • the ability to build 2 businesses all on autopilot!
and that’s just for starters….I plan to make this the BEST value on the Internet in every way….
But it also had to be affordable for everyone in any country in the world. So I set the price at just $5.00 so that people in Africa, India and the Philippines etc. could manage to be involved and start a business.
That’s it! No-one ever pays  more than $5 a month out of their pocket!
And that even includes a fully paid membership in Empower Network at Inner Circle level a $145 a month value! WOW!!

The best part is that the payplan is so ahead of its time and powerful that just 3 x $5 a month sales can generate an income of $30,000 a month and do it FAST!
Well its been with the programmers for about 6 months and we began a free beta pre-launch about a week ago with no paid ads or promotions or joint ventures etc.
In fact none of the “hype and hoo-ha” that is usually associated with new program launches; I just made a few posts in some Facebook Groups (experts say that does not work, they also say bumble bees can’t fly!).
Guess what! During the week I had several people coming to me asking me if they could join Empower Network with me as their sponsor!
And that is how I made 3 Empower Network sales by accident.
Can you imagine just what will happen when we actually fully launch this baby?

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